About Us

- History

Botam Yapı Group, established in 2005, has been a contractor in both the private and public sector, constructing residential projects for foreign and domestic investors, designing and developing projects in diverse fields of construction, and has been continuously developing quality- and purpose-oriented infrastructures and key-ready projects with our unique signature.

- Aims & Future Goals

Continue to design and deliver flawless and timeless projects with a sustainable mindset that demonstrate EXTRAORDINARY QUALITY.

Create projects that can be proudly lavished for their minimum energy consumption, maximum functionality and NATURE-FRIENDLY solutions, respecting both the environment as the surroundings with the most OPTIMAL ECONOMIC and SUSTAINABLE approach in conjunction with the application methods we develop for all processes.

Coordinating our (sub)disciplines within the concept of TEAM SPIRIT to create SYNERGY, paving the way to excellence with the feedback coming from previously established projects and uphold this as an essential condition in the sense of DEVELOPMENT and CHANGE.

When realizing our goals, whilst adapting to changes and developments, we keep our core values in mind;

       - Our permanent technical staff, trained in all disciplines, who have distinguished themselves in project-based achievements and have adopted our principles as their modus operandi,

       - Our subcontractors and suppliers, who know the basic principles and expectations of our company and have adapted to them, and work within our team spirit towards the communal goal, as we did many times in the past.

Botam Yapı Group, working as a cohesive unit from 2005 to 2021, just wanted to share a few of the key developments, as we are excited to produce diversity, strive to design and develop, and work without compromising safety, integrity, respect, quality, trust, sustainability all within a family-like spirit.


About Us