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BOTAM started in 2005 with a singular vision; create a dynamic team of professionals, gain all the latest information in the construction sector and apply our skills and experience. With every project we built, we learn from our experience and grow as a team. By discipline and effort we are able to realize our projects within the time limit and to the highest standard. Nature, renewable energy sources and low energy consumption are always on our mind, building something that can keep up with time the longest and providing a happy workplace for its employees.
We design, build and deliver key-ready projects such as; 5-star hotel-resorts, private housing projects and even work for the municipalities in our urban renewal projects. Aesthetic pleasing designs and functionality can always be found in our work, all without cutting corners or compromising on quality. We take great pride in our international achievement awards we have received for our work and gives us to move forward without compromising.
Our daughter company, BOTAM QUALITAS, is committed to develop residential and tourist projects in the Mediterranean coast. Which promises an extremely attractive investment opportunities for our domestic and foreign customers and we always aim to provide you with the innovative concepts.
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