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Botam Green Energy

We use "Renewable Energy Systems" in our lighting, heating and produce environmentally friendly electricity for cooling and irrigation .

Technical Solutions

We closely follow the latest technological developments in the construction industry. In our projects we are incorporating and implementing these findings to minimize our own carbon footprints and that of our projects.

Botam Smart Wall

In our buildings we use Botam Smart Walls; a 35 cm Botam Smart Wall has the same heat & sound insulation and moisture protection as a104 cm brick wall.

Workplace Safety

Safety is key on a construction site, therefore our expert safety staff is monitoring all stages of our projects.

Why choose us?

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

In all our service and industrial buildings we asses all strengths and weaknesses of the task at hand, on that basis we prepare the projects and their applications. We produce optimum solutions using the most efficient materials and workforce, implementing today's technology and engineering. By integrating an engineering approach in the projections, while working with the specified budget and allotted time for the project, we are creating a permanent solution to meet our customer expectations.

Geomatics Engineering

We use spatial information for our projects; with the latest satellite imaging technology we are able to make precise measurements of the plot from space itself. This data we then merge with the blueprints, this gives us the possibility to provide you with a complete analysis and even offer visualization services directly linked to the location and current calculations so that they can be optimized on basis of the location itself.

Mechanical Engineering

We develop analytical solutions for your needs through mathematical modeling. By combining the principles of physics with the structural integrity of the building materials, the design of mechanical systems and the manufacturing of materials in relation to their maintenance depending on their designated purpose, location and exposure to the elements.

Civil Engineering

We offer a key-ready solution for you; We provide the design, the construction and supervision, the planning of services and industrial structure. While making use of the materials and workforce in the most efficient way.

Architectural Projects

In our projects we are incorporating human and nature-oriented designs to create aesthetic pleasing and functional solutions.

Modern Technology

We use interactive and responsive technologies in our buildings such as: metro Ethernet, fiber network infrastructures and HD satellite systems.

Project Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for all our projects in co-operation with our capable architects and engineers.

Special Projects

We are diverse in our projects, we have build: Sports Facilities, Professional Sport Club Training Camps, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants and our residential Q brand, as Botam Qualitas, such as: Q Spa Resort, Q Garden and Q Beach

After Sales Support

We provide maintenance and repair services after the delivery our buildings, with a 100% customer satisfaction policy.


34 Completed Projects

11 Hotel Projects

9385 Beach Parks (Mt)

9 Special Projects